About Us

Welcome to UNIQWIK, the one-stop shop for all your Uniform and Stationery needs! Whether you need uniforms for the young ones returning to school, stationery for the budding artists, trendy bags for college, UNIQWIK has it all. The whole idea came from the trouble I had to deal when I go for shopping Uniforms for my kids at School or other Uniform Outlets.

There is a problem of Parking, Different Shades for same uniform, Higher price. I decided to start online selling of Uniforms plus other school related materials at lower price and of premium Quality. Directly buying from factories cut impressive margins of the middlemen, thereby make our prices very competitive in the market. We ensure you a delightful shopping experience all the time, every time. We’ve all been there. Shopping for the beginning of the school season. Taking a day off to shop. Long queues at uniform shops.

Sizes unavailable. Designs unavailable. And above all, an experience that should be full of the joy of getting new clothes is full of hassle and turns out to be an expensive affair. We firmly believe that every shopping experience should remain simple, fun and easy on the pocket. As easy as using your cellphone or computer, as convenient as having your products delivered to your doorstep, and as fun as getting to browse through hundreds of different items at your own leisure and convenience. And that is basically our idea.

Keeping things fun and simple for you, and taking you back to the delightful experience school shopping should be! All products sold on UNIQWIK are 100% genuine and can be easily exchanged as per the customer friendly UNIQWIK returns and exchange policy.